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Organic Superfoods

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Superfoods you can trust

100 % pure superfoods

100% Pure

All formulations are made of 100% pure, naturally-sourced ingredients with no additives, flavourings, or fillers.

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All our products meet the strict standards set by the Soil Association.

vegan & vegetarians suitable superfoods


Completely plant-based, all our products are free from any animal-based by-products and therefore suitable for vegan and vegetarians.

Organic Passion offers a plethora of organic super foods, including bee pollen granules, acai powder, chlorella tablets, and raw maca powder.

They love us!

organic passion testimonials

Jenny Tegan

Fast food made me gain weight. I was lethargic all the time, feeling depressed. My friend recommended I ordered The Crave Buster Bundle from Organic Passion. I’m glad I did! Not only have I lost weight, my health and mood improved as well.

Organic passion Testimonials

Mark Kendal

Great service, love the quality of the products that they offer. I was able to naturally control my stress levels and get back into shape! It’s good to know that I have a reliable source for ordering organic products instead of second-guessing every time I visit the superstore.


Isabelle Enerlich

I was struggling with my health. To top it off, I learned that the products available in the market are packed with GMOs. I needed something pure and natural. I was able to get organic products from Organic Passion and I’ve seen a remarkable difference in my energy, stress levels, and overall health!  

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